BERLIN, New Hampshire, July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  John Schwind introduces «Etching Easel», a totally new way to hold a piece of art during its creation.  «I am an artist and came up with the idea when I was attending the Manchester School of Art» said the inventor. «Since both of my parents were antique dealers, the inspiration was that of the original printing press.» 

The design allows an art piece to be easily-rotated as needed for etching or shading etc.  In doing so, this will provide the user with ease of movement when using an easel.

Device will hold art piece on a wall, easel or even a flat surface for ease of use.  

The inventor is seeking a company to license and manufacture the invention.  Please go to for more details including an animated video of the invention in use as well as survey results and feedback from a test group of 100 consumers!

SOURCE InventHelp